17.5% Food Grade H2O2 - Quart

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Water Plants – Used to supply extra oxygen to the soil. Many farmers now spray a weak solution on their crops to eliminate harmful bacteria and act as a natural insecticide.

Treat Mold – Use Hydrogen Peroxide to completely remove mold without harmful chemicals.

Fall in love with your pool and spas all over again while getting healthy at the same time! Food Grade H2O2 is an excellent replacement for chlorine or bromine in you pool or hot tub.

Hydrogen Peroxide is probably one of the best and least expensive products on the market today that can be used in so many areas. Everyone should have a bottle on hand at all times and use it wherever harmful bacteria is present. Use it with care and use it often.

About Us

We are Rebekahs Health and Nutrition Source of Lapeer Michigan. We are improving lives of people that want to take control of their health. We are edifying one person at a time. Our mission is to offer hard to get, high quality products and provide superior customer service. Rebekah's has been supplying 35% H202 to health food stores, pharmacies, farms and more nation wide for the past 4 years. Our H202 is bottled weekly and shipped daily.

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