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Rebekahs Diet Lean

Rebekahs Diet Lean works to suppress the appetite and increase your energy levels. It has concentrated growth factors that aids in preserving lean muscle mass for those who are on calorie restricted diets. As a result, you are able to increase your workout sessions with ease!

Not only does Rebekahs Diet Lean reduce cortisol levels, it actually mobilizes nutrients so they can be used more efficiently and effectively. Those that are modifying their diets will find that this product induces immediate and sustained energy.

Another great thing that Rebekahs Diet Lean provides is that it speeds up your...

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The Importance of Vitamin D


Not only do many people don/t  know of the importance of Vitamin D. I would bet that most people have a Vitamin D deficiency and are completely unaware of this. Although the body can activate the Vitamin D hormone in your body, it is rarely a large enough amount to total the amount of Vitamin D you should receive on a daily basis.


It has been shown in past studies, that Vitamin D reduces the risk of several life-threatening illnesses. These illnesses include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, stroke, and much more. Incorporating Vitamin D into your body, at the optimal...

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Slow the Aging Process and Lose 15 Pounds

In order to slow the aging process and lose weight it is important to refrain from certain foods. Making the choice to go wheat free (gluten-free) can have a positive reaction on your body. Wheat or gluten has been linked to more than 40 illnesses and can have a negative effect on your intestinal flora. Try switching to rice based products as they are easily digested and will provide your body with important nutrients. Soy and corn products should be avoided as these are normally GMO and can contain toxins that can make you become ill.

Cleansing your body of toxins will aid you in...

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The Many Uses of Teasel Root-

Teasel Root is the root part of a flowering, stout herb that is adorned with white flowers that are compact and abundant on the plant. The root part of the plant which is known as Teasel Root or Dipsacus Japonica has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is known for its healing properties and is used to eliminate certain disorders and pain that can affect the urinary system, the skeleton, as well as the liver.

Some of the healing properties of the Teasel Root include strengthening the tendons, bones, and ligaments found in the human body. Teasel Root works to increase the blood flow to...

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Hydrogen Peroxide Bath


Many people don't realize that the skin is the largest organ in the body and is the best organ for detoxification of the harmful anaerobic germs in the body. This detoxification is best accomplished by taking periodic hydrogen peroxide baths.

The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) added to your bath water will release its extra oxygen molecule which will neutralize the harmful acids on your skin. It will also stop many infections and help your body maintain its Ph balance. These harmful bacteria cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment and you will feel much more relaxed and energized after taking your...

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New HCG Weight Loss Pellets

Many of you have read about and maybe even tried the HCG Weight Loss Diet. This diet, which is now the most popular diet plan searched on the internet today, has proven itself to be the best way for those who want to lose weight and keep it off.

There are three ways to take your HCG and each will produce the same results:

  1. Injection – This used to be the only way to receive your dosage of HCG. The big disadvantage of this method is that it has to be administered by a physician or other health care professional. This is very inconvenient and nearly impossible to keep up as it would be...

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FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE has been used for more than a century as a defense against microorganisms that invade our immune system. . Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has one atom of oxygen more then water. It's that simple, just oxygen and water. Every cell in our body is trying to manufacture its own hydrogen peroxide. This helps to fight off bad bacteria, viruses and cleanse the body. Most viruses and bad bacteria can not live in a highly oxygenated body. So why are we sick? With our polluted air, water and food supply, we are getting less oxygen into our bodies then 100 years ago. Our bodies are clogged with toxins from head to toe. Many...

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The average weight loss for our bottle is 21lbs. However if you can dedicate yourself to the exact protocol your weight loss with be greater!  If you are in this range, then you are right on track. There are a few reasons for slower weight loss or a plateau. This is totally normal and will pass. The more you educate yourself the greater the success!!

Remember besides losing weight... Candida is the #1 cause of hunger while on the HCG.  A two week Candida cleanse is recommend before starting the HCG to help prevent hunger.

You must realize that it is not a question of if you will plateau on HCG, but when you will plateau....