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The purity and potency
nutrients is essential to
your healthcare routine!

Wellness Coaches

Let our knowledgeable and passionate staff help you on your journey to better health. We offer consultations and workshops along with seminars on many topics aimed at creating a healthier and vibrant community.

Supplementation is Key

From premium organic whole food supplements, vitamins, and minerals to probiotics, natural remedies, and more – find all of your families nutritional supplements at Rebekah’s.

Food First

Quality does matter! When we feel good we’re happier, when we are happier and we’re more productive. We continue to expand our organic, gluten free, and local products every day. Find exciting high quality and hard-to-find specialty foods at great prices.

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27 Jan @ 6:00 PM

Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition Source of Clarkston

Join us, with Matt Menger from Charlotte's Web Hemp oil as he goes into detail about the amazing benefits of CBD oil and Full Spectrum Hemp products. Learn about how the nutrients from the hemp plant can improve your health and well-being. Please call the store 248-843-2011 or stop in to sign up! Seats are limited.

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We care about your health !

Support & Motivation: Personalized guidance fromtrained wellness coaches to help you pick the rightsupplementations for your wellness journey. Our blogposts are written by our educated staff to keep the mostup to date information about your health at your fingertips.

Community Appreciation: Every month we hold manyfree or low cost events to introduce our friends andfamilies to fun, healthful products and services.Our customer appreciation days save you moneyon your everyday needs!

Rebekah’s Story

My name is Rebekah Niman, I am a dedicated Holistic Health Practitioner, who is truly involved in the natural health care of my clients. I am very passionate about helping my clients enrich their lives through good health, attained naturally. As a health coach,I encourage and assist my clients in replacing their unhealthylifestyle by encouraging them to pursue healthier life choices, which includes detoxification, oxygenation, nutrition, and apositive mindset…

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