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Our company

We are Lapeer and Grand Blancs largest supplier of the highest quality organic food, supplements and vitamins. Along with Michigan made products, organic food, CSA food co-op and more. Come join the MILLIONS of people taking control of their own health. See you there!!

Lapeer 810-660-8585

Grand Blanc 810-866-4642

Clarkston 248-843-2011

Would you like a rewarding career as a Health and Wellness Coach? We are always on the look out for fresh new talent! Entry level positions available at all three of our locations. To apply learn more- Click here

Our Team


Wellness Coach
Visit our wellness coach, Katie, at our Clarkston location.


Wellness Coach
Meet our wellness coach, Jay, at our Grand Blanc location.


Wellness Coach
Meet our wellness coach, Molly, at our Grand Blanc location.


Wellness Coach
Meet our wellness coach, Samantha, at our Lapeer location.


Wellness Coach
Meet our wellness coach, Dakota, at our Lapeer location.


Wellness Coach
Meet our wellness coach, Pam, at our Lapeer location.


Purchaser & Wellness Coach
Meet our wellness coach and purchaser, Cody, at our Lapeer location.

What People Say


You have one of the very best Newsletters I have seen!  Newsletter link click here

Kathy Marston
Now Foods


I wanted to share my before and afters showing my 47 pound loss in 2 rounds. The first was where I began; the middle is down 32 pounds in my first round (down 32 pounds in 34 days) and the third is to show where I am at now; I lost 15 pounds in my 2nd round. http://www.jenpphoto.com/

Photographer - Jen Prinster Photography


I want to  tell you THANK YOU  and your staff for  taking the time to speak with my wife.  As you can see in the photo I had to get a leather punch and adjust all my belts.  It has been 30 years since I was this thin.  The last  86lb loss and 85 inches of body mass loss is credited to healthy eating a good food choices



Good evening! I just wanted to give u a compliment!! We (my bf and I) just started using your face & body lotion; he got Peppermint (Mojito) and I bought Patchouli (Peace and Love); we love them!  His face hasn’t been this soft…ever!!  My lotion is wonderful, I am however curious if you have a cream?  I know they are thicker and maybe stay on longer?  (i wash my hands, not alot, but often)  We both enjoy the smells and the feel…I will continue to buy them (at Rebekah’s) and will keep an “eye” out for any new products you might come out with!! Ty again!

What we believe

  • We believe that there is an integral relationship between our health, the health of our planet and the way that that food is produced.
  • We believe in transparency and that our customers have a right to visit our farms and learn how their food is grown or produced.
  • We believe that as a group, working together and sharing our knowledge and experience helps us to provide better produce and products to our customers.
  • We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Using your dollars to buy local healthy food is a much wiser choice than buying conventional over processed foods that eventually harm your health, ultimately resulting in stress and financial strains associated with preventable illnesses.
  • We believe that local dollars spent locally helps our area recover from our economic crisis.
  • We practice what we preach and eat these same local organic foods.

This is the place for you if you want

  • To have great tasting, fresh nutritious food.
  • To know who grows, raises or makes your food.
  • To know how it is grown, raised or made.
  • To support sustainable environmental practices.
  • To support small local family farms.

Group Goals

  • To develop a convenient distribution system and a relationship with our customers.
  • To increase everyone’s accessibility to local organic foods.
  • To provide the best and most nutritious local organic food economically possible, being sensitive to family budgets during these tough economic times
  • To Remain economically viable so we can continue.