Raise your Vibration

The covid virus has a vibration of 5.5hz and dies above 25.5hz.For humans with a higher vibration, infection is a minor irritant that is soon eliminated!The reasons for having low vibration could be:Fear, Phobia, SuspicionAnxiety, Stress, Tension.Jealousy, Anger, RageHate, GreedAttachment or Pain*And so……we have to understand to vibrate higher, so that the lower frequency does not weaken our immune system.*The frequency of the earth today is 27.4hz. but there are places that vibrationdrops to 20hz, or less.For humans with low vibration, the virus becomes dangerous.Pain 0.1 to 2hz.Fear 0.2 to 2.2hz.Irritation 0.9 to 6.8hz.Noise 0.6 to 2.2hz.Pride 0.8 hz.Superiority 1.9 hz.A higher vibration on the other hand is the outcome of the following behaviour :-Generosity 95hzGratitude 150 hzCompassion 150 hz or more.The frequency of Love and compassion for all living beings is 150 Hz and more.Unconditional and universal love from 205hz*Vibrate Higher!!!*What helps us vibrate high?Loving, Smiling, Blessing, Thanking, Playing, Painting, Singing, Dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditating, Walking in the Sun, Exercising, Enjoying nature, eating nutritionally dense alive food from the earth, Drinking water: help us vibrate higher ….. !!!*The vibration of prayer alone goes from 120 to 350hz*So sing, laugh, love, meditate, play, give thanks and live ! _*Let’s vibrate high …. !!!

*_The original source of this information is from the book Power Vs ForceBased on David R Hawkins’ Meditate & feel the vibrations in the universe 🧡🙏🏾

Picture sourced from: https://static01.nyt.com/images/2017/04/09/education/09happy-1491069207061/09happy-1491069207061-facebookJumbo.jpg

Meet our Health Coach Lili!

Hello all! My name is Lili Conner and I am a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition located in New York City. I am a certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach. I am also a single mother of two small kiddos, a five year old boy and a two year old girl. As a health coach, I firmly believe we are given the resources to fully heal here on Mother Earth. If given the right environment our bodies would thrive and not struggle to survive. Every person is different, we refer to that as bio-individuality. What works for me, might be toxic for another human. I try to hear each client to the best of my ability, and guide them for what they need or the goals they want to reach. Recently I have begun diving into infectious diseases and how to help create a better atmosphere inside of the body to fight and defeat bacteria & viruses.

Outside of the nutrition and exercise aspects, I also take a holistic approach. For complete health and happiness it takes the mind, body, and soul to be aligned. I use a tool called the “Circle of Life” which is a great visual representation to show all aspects. We dive into spirituality, career, relationships, family, joy, finances, and much more. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder brought to our attention for things to start flowing how we need again.

So why do YOU need a health coach? Great question!

How many times have you been to the doctor with a problem and they say “yes! You should lose weight. Here is a pill.” OR better yet “eat less and move more.” Yeah…that is all great and dandy. But how realistic is that one? A health coach is a guide on the side to formulate a plan specific for you. Not only will I make a plan to help you get to your goals, I help keep you accountable with multiple 1 on 1 sessions through the month, we also take a look at your mental health & habits in general. Health Coaches help to bridge the gap between doctors and clients. We put in the time needed to truly help guide and change habits when needed. A health coach will help you make better general choices that fit your lifestyle. Health coaches identify your greatest areas of struggle and provide the support needed to overcome those struggles, while creating a new balance for you.

If this is something that interest you or you feel you need a little extra love on your journey, call or come up to Rebekah’s in Clarkston!