L-Lysine and Vitamin-C; The Fountain of Youth?


In the world of supplements and cosmetics the ultimate goal is to slow the progression of aging. Whether it’s for the sake of appearance, performance or just not wanting to fork out the dough for costly medical bills later, staying younger for longer is what it’s all about. So what does one take that actually works?  If it works it must be very expensive, right? Believe it or not, the basics are not only overlooked and underestimated but also pretty affordable. A simple stack of L-lysine and Vitamin-c does wonders for our cardiovascular health, joints, skin, hair and appearance. Taken faithfully over a period of a month should be enough time to demonstrate its penchant for reversing age associated discomforts and the results will stand before you in the mirror. How many folks do you know who are taking statins to reduce their infamous cholesterol? Well the reason their bodies are making so much Cholesterol (yes, our bodies Make the stuff) is simply oxidative damage.

Most of us are fully aware of the dangers we expose ourselves to in the form of cigarettes, alcohol, fried foods and most of all Sugar. These substances raise our inflammation levels substantially. The damage is done and the liver gets to work patching up the cracks. Wouldn’t it make sense to prevent the damage rather than repair it? I think most would agree that the best way to do this is the natural way. By combining the amino acid L-lysine and the all-powerful Vitamin-C we are giving the body the protection it needs to work on making a stronger, healthier, younger looking and feeling body as opposed to wasting valuable resources on repairing preventable damage.

So if you’re after healthier skin, bones, teeth, heart, joints, reduced inflammation and a more positive mood you don’t have to spend a fortune. Goals like this will cost you less than a sugar habit and yield much more desirable effects.

By: L.B. Deverell

Cold and Flu Season is Upon us

There are more than 200 viruses that cause colds. Colds are not caused by bacteria, which means that antibiotics…designed to treat bacterial infections, are useless against them. Treating a cold with antibiotics not only wont work, it lowers the immune system and destroys gut health. Long term.. this will make a person more sick and more often.

It is often frustrating to see doctors prescribe antibiotics for colds and flu. Many times the client demands them. With all the antibiotics in food, water and skin care, many times antibiotics don’t even work for bacterial infection anymore. At some point around 40-50 years old, many folks get sick and tired of being sick and tired. That’s when they come see us. At this point I call it reversing age. Once all the prescription drugs are out of a persons system… they start to feel and look 100++ % better.

So what are the options for a bacterial or viral infection like bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection etc- Allicillin, Oregano and/or Monolarine are just a few of my favorites. Not only do they kill viruses, bacteria and fungus they also have many other health benefits.

Tip of the day:
When a child or adult gets sick… it boosts their immune system a little bit each and every time. It makes them stronger and healthier. This is not the case if an antibiotic is used. Antibiotics are a must for life threatening infections and disease like Lyme and Mrsa. But to boost the immune system, you must let a cold or flu run its course.

Best of health to you all!


You probably need Iodine

Most women I meet over the age of 30 are on thyroid medication. Somehow I have trouble believing that all these women are so predisposed to hypothyroidism that they require medication. The numbers alone suggest environmental common denominators rather than genetics. From the lack of thorough testing to the propaganda about iodine our population has been sold to a higher bidder than simple vitamins and minerals. Chances are your thyroid troubles could be caused by a lack of iodine or iodine absorbing co-factors like L-tyrosine. Every decade seems to add more Bromates, Fluoride and Chlorine to our daily lives. These flame retardants, emulsifiers and preservatives displace the iodine your thyroid needs in order to work optimally and the results can be observed. If you have thyroid troubles you may need to learn the truth about iodine.

Mammograms vs. Thermoscans

It is important for women to have a breast examination to determine whether breast cancer exists in their body. Two types of procedures or tests are used to help identify problems in breast tissue. One is known as a mammogram and the other is a thermo scan. A mammogram involves using radioactive materials, while the thermo scan utilizes a digital infrared camera.

The mammogram test is what was used to detect breast cancer long ago, and is still used to this day. However, unlike the Thermo scan procedure, there are many risks involved using this older technology. The Thermo scan or Breast Thermograph procedure is the newest and safest way for early detection. Thermology detects blood flow abnormalities before a tumor may form. In fact, this form of testing detects risk factors 5-8 years sooner than mammography.

In a Thermo scan test, computerized pictures are taken which shows the body’s internal heat patterns. Afterwards, a cold stress test is performed and another set of pictures taken. Skin temperature changes due to the blood flow and metabolic activity near the surface of the body. These sets of pictures are then reviewed using a four part analytic system, which determines the results of the test. Certain disorders, such as breast cancer can be found by finding abnormalities in behaviors, levels, and patterns in the temperature of the skin.
The Thermo scan procedure involves no pain, no compression, and no radiation. With the Thermo scan procedure, women all over the world can have a peace of mind by knowing 5-8 years in advance as to whether or not they are at risk for developing breast cancer. This is often the preferred choice of preliminary screening for breast cancer, followed by structural testing such as ultrasound, MRI, and a mammography, if recommended by the physician.

L-Form bacteria getting you down?


L-forms of bacteria are bacteria that lack a cell wall. Because of this, they often go undetected by our immune systems and slip by laboratory tests that rely on cell wall staining. If you have suffered mysterious illnesses that nobody can seem to pinpoint you may want to consider some L-form defense measures. The correlation of these sneaky pathogens and autoimmune disorders is to frequent to ignore. L-forms of bacteria are believed by some to be a mutation in order to resist antibiotics. Because of this many people have ruled out bacterial infection after a round of antibiotics. They may naively believe that they have effectively evicted the bacterial invaders, and all the while hosting a bacterial mixer party of their less detectable manifestation. Just do a little research on L-forms and Lyme’s disease or multiple sclerosis http://blog.thesmithlife.com/?p=568. There are OTC ways to fight this and YOU are worth it!