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Free Valentines Health Fair in Lapeer

Save the Date!!!

Come spend an afternoon pampering yourself at our Lapeer location for Valentines! Saturday, February 11th 12-4pm. Free 25 gift bags to the first 25 people who purchase $50 or more along with 4 LARGE raffle bags full of great products. (No purchase necessary)

We will have all your favorite healers returning along and a few special guests that you will not want to miss. Sweet Renee will be returning after a few years and Hannah Jolley will be returning to do Food Sensitivity scans. You will not want to miss this Fair!

Special Sweet Treats provided by Jessica from Kookys N Cream in Lapeer!

Massage-Liana Troy
Sensitivity Screening- Hannah Jolley
Fork Tuning- Clancy
Crystal Bowl Healing- Lauren
Sound Bowl healing- Kelly
Biofeedback- Mark & Julie Fulcher
Readers Sweet Renee- Darlene Stryker- Sue Novotney
Halo Salt Spa- Reiki and Oxygen Bar

Troy Farwell- Herb Pharm tasting
Tina- Garden of Life
Matt Menger- Gaia Herbs & Mega Foods


Tara from Flint Serenity House https://flintserenityhouse.org/

Sweet treats – Kookys N Cream!

Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition-Lapeer
588 S Main St, Lapeer, Michigan 48446
Phone: 810-660-8585

Lapeer Location

588 S Main St, Lapeer, Michigan 48446
Phone: 810-660-8585

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Welcome Troy!

Troy Farwell, D.N.M. MS, MH, RAP, RAH, HHP

Troy Farwell is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Master Herbalist, and Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner. He has been in private practice for over a decade and has seen thousands of clients with great success. Troy was the founder of Simple Organics, a health and wellness store in Oxford, Michigan.

Troy will have a Herb Pharm tastings set up. While also offering CV Science CBD samples. Have a health question? Troy is happy to help!

High Vibes Health Fair

Good Vibes Health Fair in Lapeer- Saturday October 15th from 12 -4pm. This is a FREE event to enter

Excited to announce the return of Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition Health Fair. Please join us Saturday October 15th from 12-4pm as we celebrate good health here in Lapeer. We have our favorites healers returning this year with a handful of great new connections! Free gift bag drawing too.

Free Gift Bag Drawings!!

*Mark & Julie Faultcher- Bio Feedback
*Rami- Acupuncture -Free
*Lauren Soul Necter- Henna Tattoos
*Alana- Oxygen Bar & Reiki
*Darlene- Readings
*Sue Navotney- Readings
*Kelly- Sound Bowl Healing
*Dawn O’Connell- Card Readings
*Erin Kelley- Reader
*Clancy- Fork Tuning Chakra Balancing
*Brandy Douglas – Tarot Card Reading
*Leah Floyd- High Tigress Holistic offer
crystals and crystal jewelry

Food- Woodchips Small plates small charge

Suppliers offering demos and free samples

*Matt Manger Charlotte’s Web
*Tina Habib- consumer engagement
specialist Garden of Life
*Avi- Awaken Naturals in Flint

*Kelly Proctor – Young Living

All we will be offering an extended Customer Appreciate Day October 15th. Save $5 for every $50 spent.

Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition-Lapeer
588 S Main St, Lapeer, Michigan 48446
Phone: 810-660-8585

Lapeer Location

588 S Main St, Lapeer, Michigan 48446
Phone: 810-660-8585

Rebekah’s Pure Living’s Facebook page is here.

Rebekah’s Pure Living exclusive products Click here

Best Deodorant

Discover the right odor protection for you.

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are making a transition from an antiperspirant or sweat often

Fresh+Active Deodorants

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SoothingCare™ Deodorants

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Original Deodorants

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What is Creatine?

Creatine is found naturally in our muscle cells but we can also get it in our diet if we eat animal products or take it in a supplement form as a powder or capsule.

What does Creatine do?

Our muscles use creatine to support short bursts of energy. (This part gets a bit “sciencey”) ATP is our bodies’ energy carrying molecule & we only have so much of it available at once. When we exert a lot of energy within a few seconds, ATP loses a phosphate group in the process and turns to ADP. Creatine can then donate a phosphate to ADP to form ATP again and therefore give us more usable energy. 

Possible benefits of creatine include improving maximal power, strength, sprints, and max effort lifting sets. (Always keep in mind that there are many other factors that play into these outcomes as well such as our caloric intake, protein intake, overall training load, rest, etc.)

Who will benefit from Creatine?

Athletes or adults who incorporate strength training or high intensity training may benefit from creatine supplementation. 

How much Creatine is safe to take?

Creatine is one of the most researched dietary supplements and at this time is found to be safe when consumed in proper recommended doses. Taking 20g / day for 5 days as a “loading phase” and then 3-5g / day is found to be efficient in maximizing muscle creatine. However, it is also okay to just start with a maintenance dose at 3-5 g and skip the loading phase; it may just take a bit longer to build up in your muscles. 

What kind of Creatine should I take?

Creatine monohydrate is the recommended supplement form; it is inexpensive and the research has found this form to be effective.

For more information: contact Certified Personal Trainer, Brooklyne, on Facebook or by email at belwart1023@gmail.com or stop in to Rebekah’s Health & Nutrition where we carry creatine! 

Brooklyne Elwart, CPTB.E. FIT, LLC

To purchase Creatine, please stop by one of our 4 locations. To order by phone call Phone: 248-843-2011 Looking for sports nutriton supplements? CLICK HERE

Brook Elwart, Rebekah's Health & Nutrition

Lets Start Making Our Health a Priority!

“I wish I could exercise and eat healthy but I’m just so busy with (fill in the blank).”Sound like something you’ve said or heard before?I’ve heard some variation of this phrase time and time again and although it’s not the same excuse each time, they each have something in common.. it’s JUST an excuse.👀 Usually to distract from the real reason of why that person is putting off exercise and eating healthy —> they don’t really want to that bad.The truth is: we make time for things that are important to us so if exercising and eating nutritious foods is important, we make it happen!✨Some people just have a natural drive to exercise and eat healthy and it comes easy because they enjoy it. For others it seems like a chore and can take drastic news about their health to force them to start exercising and eating better. My advice- don’t wait until you’re forced to exercise in order to FIX your health. Start making it a priority NOW to prevent that from happening.😇No matter how busy our lives are, I guarantee we can all make time for some sort of movement each day. 🤸‍♀️ Go for a walk or bike ride, stretch while you watch TV, dance while you cook, try out a yoga or zumba class, workout at home for 30 minutes before work, etc.As for eating healthy, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Start simple by swapping sugary drinks for water or zero calorie drinks. Don’t focus on all the foods you “can’t” have, but rather the foods that you can ADD in like fruits, veggies, & whole grains!🥑🥕If you’d like more tips on exercise, nutrition, or how to create a healthy lifestyle shoot me a message!📲

Brook Elwart- B.E. FIT