H2O2 Ingested Oxygen Therapy

The ingesting of an accurately measured solution of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and water, also referred to as bio-oxidation therapy has been proven to help thousands of individuals in overcoming many ailments and diseases. This therapy releases the extra oxygen atom in the Hydrogen Peroxide into the blood stream which helps the body build an environment that will not support viruses and diseases.

Some facts you should be familiar with before you consider starting your H2O2 Therapy:

  • Our bodies actually produce small amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide which our immune system uses to oxidize harmful foreign products and helps prevent diseases.
  • At the same time the healthy cells are not affected by this oxidation because there is a protective enzyme in them that shields them from this oxidation. These good body cells, which are aerobic, continue to flourish in this enhanced oxygen rich environment while the harmful cells are eliminated.
  • The extra oxygen released from the hydrogen peroxide solution allows the controlled burning of the nutrients we consume and turn them into energy. Without this controlled burning of the body’s fuel, we would have no energy.
  • This burning of nutrients, unfortunately, produces a waste byproduct known as free radicals which are the molecules that cause inflammation or other damage to the cells.
  • In today’s society we all tend to supply our body with more of the wrong foods than it can digest and our cells struggle to rid our body of the waste produced which causes toxins to increase. Also, the over processed foods we consume today do not allow the body to produce sufficient oxygen to fight off harmful toxins.
  • The drinking of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, used in the concentration recommended, can supply the extra oxygen required by the body to cause oxidation that destroys free radicals in the body.
  • The cells in the body that naturally fight infection produce hydrogen peroxide and the freed oxygen atoms in the H2O2 aid in this combating of diseased cells.
  • It is very important that you use only the Food Grade 35% or 17.5% Hydrogen Peroxide, such as that provided by Rebekah’s Pure Living, as the 3% solution purchased in most drugstores have stabilizers added to them.
  • As 35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide is strong and can be dangerous if not handled properly we recommend that you purchase the 17.5% solution which is just as effective and safer to handle.
  • Be sure to consult your physician before starting this or any other medical treatment to ensure you have no preexisting conditions that prevent you from taking this or any other health product.

For the best selection of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and other fine natural remedies be sure to visit Rebekah’s Pure Living.

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