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Colloidal Silver is a dietary mineral supplement preparation.

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Natural Path / Silver Wings Colloidal Silver is superior in quality and concentration to other products available in the market. The mild silver protein used is chelated to a protein, which keeps it in suspension much more effectively than the electrolysis process. This pure product is a pharmaceutical grade of silver. There are no chemicals used in the process. It is 99.9% silver, with a 19-23% assay, and 0.1% casein. Natural Path / Silver Wings Colloidal Silver is a higher concentration than those supplements sold by the majority of our competitors. Our products are formulated at 50 ppm, 250 ppm and 500 ppm parts per million . Our silver is combined with purified, deionized water according to a proprietary formula. Testing and assays of the finished products are completed by independent labs for micron particle size, parts per million, and other analytical tests for purity. Every bottle is checked for possible contaminates and packed with extreme care for ultimate protection in transit. Our bottling facility is approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Beverage Division and Compliance with the FDA GMP Proposed Regulations. We comply with regulations of the American Society of Testing Materials ASTM , the American Chemical Society ACS for water purity and Good Manufacturing Guidelines of Practices.

Colloidal Silver is a Pure Mineral Element
Colloidal Silver is pure, metallic silver, in particles of 15 atoms or fewer, each with a positive electric charge and attached to a molecule of a simple protein. These electrically charged particles of silver are extremely small, usually ranging from about 0.001 to about 0.01 microns in diameter, and are suspended in deionized water. The force of the electric charge is stronger than the force of gravity, so the silver particles remain suspended. The color tinge of Mild Silver Protein is an optical effect resulting from the quantity of atoms per micro cluster. As a rule, the higher the concentration of Colloidal Silver, the darker the color the solution – a dark yellow or brownish amber color being the highest quality. There are no known allergic reactions from the use of properly prepared Colloidal Silver, according to scientific literature. Additionally, there has never been a recorded case of a drug interaction with any other medicine other medicine or herb. It is nonaddicting, the body does not build up tolerance to it and studies show that properly prepared Colloidal Silver is not deposited under the skin like other silver compounds, which have been documented to cause a bluish gray tint to the skin, known as “Argyria”. It is harmless to mammals, retiles, plants and all living things, not one-celled one-celled life uses a different method and chemistry of oxygen metabolism .

De-ionized Water and Mild Silver Protein

Colloidal Silver is tasteless and can be taken diluted with water or juice. Most adults will take one teaspoon for 7 to 10 days. Begin with recommended amount of one teaspoon per day. Use half the recommended amount for children 6-12 and one-fourth for ages 0-6 . The following information is for individuals who prefer to break down our colloidal silver to a lower ppm. Always use purified reverse osmosis or distilled water. This is a breakdown for daily use
Colloidal Silver breakdown by ratio of 1 part silver and pure water ratio according to desired parts per million.
500 ppm
1:50 ratio = 10 ppm
1:25 ratio = 50 ppm
1:5 ratio = 100 ppm
1:2 ratio = 250 ppm
This list consists of various dosages depending on the “parts per million” of silver desired. We also suggest that an antioxidant and a good form of lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidus or intestinal flora be taken on a regular basis, regardless of whether one is ingesting colloidal silver or not. These are all preventatives and protectors.

1. What is Colloidal silver CS ?
CS is a dietary mineral supplement preparation. Particle size must fall between 0.001 and 0.01 microns to be considered a colloidal solution. Any size below or above these parameters is not a colloid.
2. Is it safe?
Properly prepared CS is not known to cause any side effects.
3. What is “Silver Protein” MSP ?
MSP is the technical term for a colloidal silver preparation chelated bound to casein, a protein naturally occurring in milk and legumes, to enable the parts per million to be increased.
4. Is it something new?
Mild silver protein has been used since the early 1900’s. It fell out of favor with the dramatic increase in the cost of silver at the time. NPSW’s colloidal silver is a pharmaceutical grade of silver- 99.9% pure silver and 0.1% casein.
5. Does it lose potency?
MSP Colloidal Silver maintains its colloidal state indefinitely, where as, electrolysis-type colloidal silvers often separate, form a precipitate, and develop a sediment. Colloidal Silver does not need to be refrigerated. There is no determined shelf life for most MSP Colloidal Silvers due to their indefinite suspension of particles. All CS should be stored in glass amber or dark glass bottles.span> &n
6. What if I want to take fewer ppm than 250?
One can easily dilute NPSW’s colloidal silver with purified or distilled water to break it down to a smaller parts per million.
7. What does micron particle size mean and what is optimum?
Microns are the minute measurements of molecular structures. Each lot number of our colloidal silver is regularly tested by an independent laboratory to assure an average particle size of 0.002 microns. All silver colloids must fall between 0.001-0.01 microns. If the colloidal silver does not have a micron particle size between 0.001-0.01, then it is not a colloid. MSP also known as Atomic Silver is equivalent to or smaller than the micron particle size of electro-colloidal silver also known as Ionic Silver .
8. Does Colloidal Silver contain any allergens?
NPSW’s Colloidal Silver contains no lactose, soy, wheat, sugar, salt, corn, eggs or yeast, and is formulated without the use of artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. There have been no known allergic reactions to properly prepared MSP Colloidal Silver.

Keep Colloidal Silver in a cool, dark place, never on a sunny window ledge or in the refrigerator or freezer. The shelf life of Colloidal Silver is indefinite. For long-term storage, colloidal silver should be contained in a dark, amber colored glass. There is an inherent electric charge in all plastic that causes the silver to collect on the inside of the plastic container. It should not be stored for prolonged periods of time in plastic.


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