Natural Vitality Calm for Kids


Calm Kids is formulated just for kids, featuring multi-award-winning Natural Vitality’s Calm magnesium.


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Calm Specifics Kids features Natural Vitality’s Calm, which promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake. This multi-award winning highly absorb-able, water-soluble ionic formula is in its eleventh year as the best-selling magnesium supplement in the Natural market, according to scanner reports. Calm Specifics Kids is specially formulated with Suntheanine, a patented, premium form of the relaxing amino acid L-theanine plus choline to help support brain development.  Then, it’s sweetened with organic stevia and organic flavors kids will love, making it easy to give them the vitamins and minerals they need for Calm + Focus. Calm Specifics Kids is a great-tasting, easy way to help support your kids health and development.  Calm + Focus = Calmful Kids


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