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*Bone Metabolism Formula with Minerals & Vitamin D-2

*Highly Bioavailable Calcium



Bone Metabolism Formula with Minerals & Vitamin D-2*
Highly Bioavailable Calcium

Calcium citrate is a readily digested and absorbed form of calcium, a mineral that is necessary for the maintenance of bone health.* Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese have been included for their essential roles in bone metabolism.*

*100 tablets

Supplement Recommendations:

  • 1 capsule twice daily
  • As a general rule, ensure you are eating a varied diet that includes a number of foods from the vegetable group (fruits and vegetables are also important but cannot act as a substitute for the minerals they contain).
  • If you are following a macrobiotic diet then this product is likely to be a suitable alternative to foods containing animal products.
  • A multivitamin/mineral supplement can be taken once daily.
  • Seek medical advice before starting any new supplement program.

* Calcium is known to be important for the normal development of bones and teeth during childhood and it helps maintain strong bones as we get older. It also helps maintain the normal muscle contractions that allow the heart to work effectively. Also important for the nervous system, and for making sure blood vessels are elastic enough to prevent excessive blood clotting.

The adult body stores about 1000-1500 mg of calcium, of which only about 1% resides in the skeleton. The rest is stored in the body cells or internal organs.

Bone Metabolism Formula with Minerals & Vitamin D-2

The bioavailability of the nutrients in the formula is increased due to the presence of l-lysine, l-carnosine, and bromelain. It is not clear whether taking these supplements together increases their bioavailability.


  • A powdered blend of calcium carbonate, magnesium citrate, zinc oxide, l-lysine, l-carnosine, bromelain, and vitamin D-2.
  • Contains no yeast, wheat, gluten, soya, milk, egg, shellfish, or preservatives.
  • This product does not contain any GMOs.
  • Take 1/2-1 hour before or with a meal 3-5 times daily.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct sunlight. Use within twelve months of opening.
  • Buy Calcium Citrate now and enjoy the benefits of bone health throughout your life.
  • Bioavailability is the percentage of a given nutrient that is actually absorbed by the body. This is complicated and naturally varies between individuals, gender, age, body weight, overall health, among other factors.

For more information on bioavailability, please see the following:
Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D in Osteopetrosis: The role of bioavailability in the treatment.


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