Intro to Healing

Introducing Jessica Guibord, certified EnergyTouch® Practitioner and owner of Peace of Love Healing.

Jessica will be offering her Intro class, Introduction to Energy Healing Workshop with guided meditation, that will last about 90 minutes.  She shares with you the things she has learned about Energy Healing in a way that simplifies this very complex subject.  She invites you to come out and learn about what Energy Healing is and how it can help you if you incorporate it into your life.

We will explore…

  • Human energy-system anatomy such as chakras, levels of the field, grids, and templates
  • The power of intention
  • How to raise/lower your own personal vibration
  • How to ground and expand your energy field
  • How to connect with your guidance team, Higher-Self, and Guardian Angel
  • We may share our own personal stories or experiences

This class will help to answer the questions you may have about Energy Healing or launch you on your own journey of self-discovery.


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