Fall In Love With Wellness Festival

Join us for our Fall in love with Wellness Fair

Join us Saturday, November 6th at Rebekah’s in Lapeer as we host an afternoon filled with everything wellness!
We anticipate hosting product educators, intuitive readers, energy healing, massage services, demos, samples & so much more!
Vendor space is extremely limited. If interested, please reach out to Casey at pureliving.collins@gmail.com for more details. All vendors will be finalized &
booked no later than October 1st
Meet  two of our vendors

IV Lounge Inc of Lapeer will be offering $5 off the following injections at our event: Glutathione, B-Complex, B12, Biotin, Vitamin D & MIC/B12 (Weight loss). They will also be offering 10% off future IV treatments if you book your date at our event.

Great news! Pamela Jason has a new location. With a late November opening date, IV Lounge Inc will be located across the way in the Lapeer Plaza. Hip hip
Meet Sue N0voteny-
Providing Professional Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)/Tapping, Meditation training and sessions, Reiki sessions and training, Life Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching by an Ordained non-denominational Christian minister.
Sue will be offering the Wish Game, readings and can also provide additional information on Hypnosis.
Trinity Hypnosis- Link

Meet Dr Julia Deer

Dr. Julia Deer is a holistic chiropractor from the Thumb and Bay Area of Michigan. She’s been practicing for 17 years.
Since graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2004, Dr. Julia has built four busy practices in Michigan. Locations have included Pigeon, Bad Axe, Harbor Beach and Bay City.
Dr. Julia is a specialist chiropractor. She specializes in hard cases when regular spinal adjustments are not “holding” their position. Not only does she adjust the spine, but also aligns extremities, organs and the skull. “Holistic” chiropractors look at the whole body as a single unit and determine where the breakdown is occurring in communication between the brain and the body. They are then able to correct any issues through manipulation and resetting of the nervous system.
Dr. Julia utilizes multiple techniques to help the patient on many different levels including structural, biomechanical, emotional, digestive, hormonal, psychological and organ functionality. She has developed her own personal style and technique along with a unique philosophy and approach to whole body health.
In addition to spinal manipulation, Dr Julia has a comprehensive approach including Kinesiology, Chiropractic manipulative reflex technique to regulate organ systems, post-surgical and chronic illness rehabilitative care and muscle testing to regulate hormone imbalances through whole foods or supplements. Each body tells a story, and Dr. Julia acts as a capable interpreter.
Dr. Julia also moderates a group page on Facebook called ‘Michigan Natural & Holistic Health Community’, bringing “Alternative” healthcare-lovers together. Her mission is to present a unified and viable alternative choice to the world for their healthcare, rather than just the traditional western allopathic model of medicine.
In addition, Dr. Julia has co-hosted an internet Radio Show with Deborah St Hillaire on W4divas.com called ‘The Passionate Pundits’.

More about our Fair, visit our FB page for all updates

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Energy Healing with Jessica Guibord

This class is at our Lapeer Location**You MUST RSVP to Phone:810-660-8585  to reserve your seat, space is limited. **

Jessica will be offering her class, Introduction to Energy Healing Workshop with guided meditation, which will last about 90 minutes. She shares with you the things she has learned about Energy Healing in a way that simplifies this very complex subject. She invites you to come out and learn about what Energy Healing is and how it can help you if you incorporate it into your life.
We will explore…
• Human energy-system anatomy such as chakras, levels of the field, grids, and templates
• The power of intention
• How to raise/lower your own personal vibration
• How to ground and expand your energy field
• How to connect with your guidance team, Higher-Self, and Guardian Angel
• We may share our own personal stories or experiences
This class will help to answer the questions you may have about Energy Healing or launch you on your own journey of self-discovery.

About Jessica

Providing Energetic Healing to Adults, Kids, Animals & More

Located in Grand Blanc, Michigan but servicing all beings on planet Earth, Peace of Love Healing provides distant healing sessions for adults, children, animals and more.  Established in 2016 as a sole proprietorship, the goal of Peace of Love Healing is to bring well-being, love, and light to all those in need.  Distance healing means you receive the healing session from the comfort of your own home, while the healer works from their sacred space.

Peace of Love Healing is owned and operated by Jessica Marek.  She has been practicing EnergyTouch® healing techniques since 2014 when she began her formal training at the EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  After completing the 3-year certification, she has the ability to work in the outer levels of the energy field which allow her to work on a cellular level.

Get in touch with her to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to enquire whether her services are right for you.

Peace of Love Healing website- Click here

Jessica Guibord’s Facebook page is here.


Rebekah’s Pure Living’s Facebook page is here.

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30 Day Body Transformation – Guest Speaker Rebekah Niman

** You MUST CALL 810-660-8585 to reserve your seat, space is limited. **
Join Rebekah Niman HHP as she shares her golden nuggets to turn your health around. Our focus is gut health, detoxification and weight loss for people over 45+! This class includes 30 days of free unlimited email communication to set yourself up for success.
What to expect after 30 days? Less bloating, better nutrition absorption, weight loss, more energy, better hormone balance, disease prevention and so much more.
Holistic Health Care Providers agree:
Fact #1 : 9 out of 10 diseases start in the colon.
Fact #2 : About 70% of your immune system is in your gut.
My name is Rebekah Niman, I am a dedicated Holistic Health Practitioner, who is truly involved in the natural health care of my clients. I am very passionate about helping my clients enrich their lives through good health, attained naturally. As a health coach I encourage and assist my clients in replacing their unhealthy lifestyle and encourage them to go down the road to healthier life choices which includes detoxification, oxygenation and nutrition, and positive mindset.
I am the owner of Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition Source, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), NES Health Practitioner and Reiki Master here in Michigan. Alongside that, I am a speaker, author, educator, mother of 3 healthy boys. At age 57, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life. I am medication free, healthy and very active. I am genuinely concerned about the health of my clients as though they were my own family. My goal is to assist them in heading down the path to healthier life choices.
I am surely no stranger to health problems. I struggled for over 30 years with bladder and kidney problems, thyroid issues, migraines, and more like Lyme disease. When nothing else seemed to work, I made the decision to take hold of my own well-being and treat the root causes of my issues and treat my body as a whole. This simple solution of discovering the source of the problem, instead of simply treating the symptoms, is the foundation of my interest in natural healing and holistic medicine.
My best advice to you is to take control of your own life and health. You will find it personally rewarding and much more economical than the traditional health care system. Regaining and maintaining your health with the holistic approach of feeding the body as nature intended is easy, inexpensive and incredibly empowering.
Find me on Facebook at Rebekah Niman and my private page Be Well
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