Intro to Energy Healing with Jessica Guibord on January 19th at 5pm

Introducing Jessica Guibord, certified EnergyTouch® Practitioner and owner of Peace of Love Healing. Jessica will be offering her Intro class, Introduction to Energy Healing Workshop with guided meditation, that will last about 90 minutes. She shares with you the things she has learned about Energy Healing in a way that simplifies this very complex subject. She invites you to come out and learn about what Energy Healing is and how it can help you if you incorporate it into your life.

**Everyone is required to wear a mask and remain six feet apart in order to protect yourself and others.

The Human Body on Stress

Come join Dr. Chris Wilson for a health talk about stress and how it actually affects the human body!

Learn how to better deal with stress by understanding the changes that occur with your body’s stress response.

This event will be held at Rebekah’s of Lake Orion at 6:00pm on Thursday January 14, 2021.

See you there!

Habit Based Nutrition

Join Personal trainer and future dietitian Brooklyne for her class on all things nutrition and balance.

Learn the basics of nutrition, how to make healthy eating sustainable, and how simple nutrition habits can help you reach your fitness goals. Brooklyne Will be teaching about Carbs, fats, and proteins, how much we need of each within every meal, and why we need them to maintain good health. She will also be talking about the 80/20 rule (eat right at least 80% of the time).

To contact Brooke, you can find her on Facebook | or by Email:

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